SAMA Annual Conference 2024

Caesar Atuire

Caesar Atuire is a philosopher and health ethicist from Ghana who is currently the Ethics Lead for the MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine at the University of Oxford and Associate Professor of Applied Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Ghana.

Caesar’s interests and research in bioethics are conceptual and empirical. He works around revisiting some of the underlying conceptual frameworks informing bioethics by drawing on philosophical ideas, African and non-African, that address inequity in the relationships that govern current approaches to global health with an eye to new ethical frontiers, decolonization, and pluriversality. In 2019, he co-edited a volume titled Bioethics in Africa, which discusses bioethical problems from an African perspective. He is currently leading a team of highly qualified colleagues from across the globe on a Wellcome Discovery Award titled “Moving Beyond Solidarity Rhetoric in Global Health” to explore conceptualizations of solidarity and to design a solidarity index for ranking global health funders.