SAMA Annual Conference 2024

SAMA Clinical Coding Conference

Calling all Clinical Coders and healthcare professionals with an interest in clinical coding.


Join us on 15 February 2024

Why is clinical coding important? 

  • Transforms clinical records into universal codes that represent care journey of patients.
  • Creates a common language for all involved in health care delivery.
  • Provides data that is critical in whole person as well as population health care that allows for better care coordination.
  • Accurate clinical coding is critical in creating efficiencies reducing billing inaccuracies, delayed reimbursements, and compromised patient care.

Who should attend:

All medical coders, and those who use codes in practice and in business:

  • National and Provincial Departments of Health
  • Medical Schemes
  • Hospital Groups
  • SA Private Practitioners Forum
  • Specialist groups and their coding representatives
  • Independent coders and practitioners in data sciences involved in adding new codes / involved with coding in billing / data

The conference aims to cover the following:

  • Sharing expertise and insights with international and local clinical coding professionals.
  • Enhance knowledge in technical code development frameworks, general code development, including actuarial studies relating to the development of coding units that reflect the economic realities in South Africa.
  • The development of tiered E/M service codes.
  • South African Chapter for Professional Coders and the development of clinical coding as a recognised profession in South Africa, highlighting the importance clinical coding for a sustainable healthcare environment.
  • Clinical coding as it relates to NHI, including introduction to ICHI and ICD-11 and the and the obstacles to overcome for national implementation.